The first 6 weeks back to school Whoa!

It was such a fun start to the year! Even though it’s been hot and humid, we had a blast making a garden schedule, planting seeds and making garden beds, learning about Ancient India and aboriginal art, and reading books (like one about dog training).

We started off making a garden schedule for the new school year. While we have not stopped planting I wanted to remind the kids that gardening is a year round project and there are many things to consider.

Planting schedules, harvesting, bugs, preparing, canning or other forms of prep, and when to start germination for seeds. Plus we went over beneficial and not beneficial bugs, what to use instead of pesticides and how to take care of the problem before it gets too bad.

There were a few days of rain, and tons of humidity (which we are not used to) but overall this has been an exciting time. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new things we’ll be learning throughout the year!

Photosynthesis was our 5th grade topic and we learned how plants gather their food, water, and energy (light).

We also went over how plants absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen for clean air.

We talked about why you would want a variety of plants in your garden as well as flowers to keep a small ecosystem of diversity.

6 weeks of math, STEAM, art, science and history

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Week 6 is Complete

We had a very good week learning new things and reviewing what we have learned so far in Health for K, 1st, and 4th. We are almost done cleaning out our garden beds for the next seeds and plants. Even though we are not on track we will still be fine planting in the greenhouse and outdoors with some shade tarps. We also have a huge crop of eggplant which we are going to salt, skin, and cook down to use in soup bases and curries.

Always eager to learn. Our Kindergartner has been having so much fun doing story time with her older sister in 1st grade and she loves doing the coloring pages after we read the stories.

Letters and a cute quote I found

We have been doing old fables and stories each week and this week we did the story of Prince Darling and Stone Soup. These were such fun stories, I especially loved the stone soup story because it taught a valuable lesson why you should not judge someone with nothing. Then I found this cute funny page where it said “Gardening is a Revolutionary Act”. I liked this because we teach our students the value of a single seed. One see can produce food for many.

The pictures with letters allow the students to learn their alphabet and letters without getting bored with writing letters on a single piece of paper in order. Turns out they are learning without learning.

Lets get ready for Arts & Crafts week!

Week 5 is Complete

Learning is always something we do, this we had new lessons and new concepts we learned. When the students struggle they are letting us know they need a break to regroup and refocus. Just like adults, they get distracted, upset, unmotivated and grumpy. We need to make sure we allow time for them to decompress and then get back to businesses. We have found that coloring pages and the Time In Corner has been a great addition to our schooling.

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Gardening & Animals Outdoors

We are getting ready to have the students plant the fall garden. We have 3 of the 7 planter beds cleaned out and ready for seeds. We just have to decide what seeds we want to go where and this time we really need to get some beneficial bacteria and bugs to help our garden not get eaten. This week we harvested one of our watermelons and it was 30 Pounds!!! We put a 5 gallon water jug next to the watermelon so you can imagine how big it is!

Our Kindergarten and 1st Grader went on an animal track expedition in the back yard. While it was rather amusing to us they were not sure what to look for so we had them draw the different types of animals they saw.

Prodigy (Math Games)

We are finding ways to make math fun and so we created a free Prodigy account for the students. The first day this week they were on it after school! I don’t want them to get over stimulated with it so I will do limits of 30-45 minutes depending on the grade.

It is time for a Microscope

After these last few weeks in science it is time to get a microscope. The students have a small magnifying glass which has been good for them but you can see they are interested in more.

Which one will be based on our search this weekend.

As we closed out the week we learned about the last day of Summer and the first day of Autumn. We have also been collecting different items for art and crafts which we will be doing after week 6.

Morning Walk, Tomatoes, and Eggplants – Week 4

We began a new morning routine at 7:30am we walk around the block for 30 minutes, picking up seeds, flowers, leaves, or naming trees and plants along the way.

Mother Holle (Story)

We read Mother Holle this week for Kindergarten and 1st grade. It was a good story about hard work, kindness and being rewarded even when it is not expected. We had the students draw pictures about what happened in the story and they did an amazing job.

Abundance from our Garden!

We are so excited about our eggplants and tomatoes. When we get a few more eggplants we are going to make Eggplant Parmesan. We also had a surprise in the garden when we saw some golden raspberries on our bush. Also, our bell peppers are in full bloom as well and we are getting some beautiful red bell peppers.

Lots of Seeds

This week we gathered lots of seeds and learned the cycle of a seed. When the tree is ready to prduce its fruit it creates a bud, next a flower, then a seed, last a fruit, nut, or vegetable.

Life of a seed

1st: seed

2nd: sprout

3rd: Tree

Here are seeds we collected and discovered about this week.

Week 3 is Complete

So Music we did not start again because the kids go their dad as their substitute teacher on Thursday and Friday while I was at the Doterra Convention (online)!

Spanish has been a hit!

We have had all the kids on Rosetta Stone this week and they all enjoyed the Lessons. They did Lessons 1.1 to 1.3 and pronunciation. While our Kindergartner and First Grader struggled more than our 4th and 8th Grader they still were able to understand La and El in the Masculine and Feminine the other words like come (to eat) and bebe (to drink) were a little more tricky. I think because they sound familiar.

What about Khan Academy?

Khan has been used by our Kindergartner and 1st grader and it was fun to see our Kindergartner understand how to add 1 to numbers 1-5 and how to take away 1 from 1-5. We used blocks along with the lesson and the hands on was a fun visual. The lesson was a little more challenging for our 1st grader for adding double digit number even while using blocks. We will continue to learn about how to add with block and how to subtract.

Science was a blast!

1st Grade gathered leaves and looked and them under the magnifying glass to see their veins and drew pictures.

4th Grade we had a fern leaf that we looked under a magnifying glass. – – Now I wish we had a Microscope!!! We also looked at fungi on a leaf and talked about what fungi is as well as what it does.

8th Grade: What are we using?

Our oldest is going into 8th grade and she is excited about challenging herself this year. She made a lot of progress in English, grammar, and spelling last year and she wants to push herself more this year. She decided she wants to do 8th grade English and grammar to get better at reading and writing.

We make photocopies of books to write or have a separate notebook for writing the answers so we can use them for our other students. So what did we decide to utilize for our 8th Grade Kit?


Math _ Undecided

  • Math-U-See Algebra
  • Horizons Pre-Algebra
  • Saxon Algebra 1/2
  • Saxon Algebra 1


Social Studies/History/Geography


STEM/Thinking Skills

4th Grade: What are we using?

We decided to challenge our 3rd grader and move her to 4th grade. She excels in English and Math. We figured she could do 5th and 6th grade Math. We still have arts and craft activities suitable for her age but other subjects we did the next grade or 2 up.

We make photocopies of books to write or have a separate notebook for writing the answers so we can use them for our other students. So what did we decide to utilize in the 4th Grade Kit?




  • Sassafras Science Botany & Earth Science
    • Workbook, Textbook & Lab Kit

Social Studies/History/Geography


STEM/Thinking Skills

  • Gravitrax Set
  • Critical and Creative – Grade 4
  • Chasing Fireflies
  • Gridblocks
  • Color Catch

1st Grade: What are we using?

Last year our 1st grader was in a combo class for Kindergarten and 1st. She progressed on all of the Kindergarten curriculum and she did very well in 1st grade math. We decided to do another year of 1st grade to help with the English portion. We will focus on Reading comprehension, spelling, understanding word concepts such as over and under, and reading. We also worked on some second grade Math at the end of last year and decided she will do a combo class for math, 1st and 2nd grade so she gets a stronger foundation.

“Our approach is compassionate and student-centered because we believe that children are sensitive and intelligent and that learning can be joyfully integrated into life.”

Oak Meadow About Us

We feel that learning through nature and the world around her will help her develop more and influence her to learn through doing.

We make photocopies of books to write or have a separate notebook for writing the answers so we can use them for our other students. So what did we decide to utilize?


  • Oak Meadow Curriculum Book (Language Arts)
  • All About Spelling Level 2
  • Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 1 (continued from Summer School)



  • Oak Meadow Curriculum Book (Science)

Social Studies/History/Geography


  • Oak Meadow Crafts for Early Grades K-3
  • Doodle Washington D.C
  • Painting
  • Knitting
  • Drawing

STEM/Thinking Skills

  • Building and Thinking Skills Level 1
  • Chasing Fireflies
  • Gridblocks
  • Apple Twist
  • Smart Cookies

Additional Texts

  • Music: Beginning Recorder
  • Healthy Living from the Start K-3
  • Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades K-3
  • Word Families

Kindergarten: What are we using?

We are so excited about our youngest to begin Kindergarten. She enjoyed learning her Abc’s and counting last year as well as some emotional intelligence and smart games with her sisters. She will officially begin school in August this year!

We saved books from our Kindergartener/1st grader last year by making photo copies so we could use the books multiple years. So what did we decide to utilize?


  • All About Reading Level 1
  • Spelling you See Level A
  • The Reading Lesson
  • What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know
  • My Epic Life Word Book



Social Studies


  • Aquarellum Animal Postcards
  • Painting
  • Knitting
  • Drawing


STEM/Thinking Skills

  • ThinkPlay Gears Extreme
  • Can You find me Kindergarten
  • Visual Perception Building Book 1
  • Kumon Thinking Skills
  • Smart Games

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