From Limbo to New Schedule

I was having a hard time with the lessons and making the kids and myself frustrated so i knew it was time for a change. We decided to walk to the coffee shop a few Thursdays ago and talk about how we wanted to change up our classroom so Here is what we came up with!

As a parent, one of the most important responsibilities we have is to ensure that our children receive a quality education. However, traditional education methods may not always be the best approach for every child. That’s why I decided to change up the way my kids learn and create a new schedule that fits their needs and interests.

My new schedule involves a more holistic approach to learning, focusing on different subjects each day of the week.


  • English, Grammar, Writing, Word Roots, and Spelling.


  • Math u see
  • History


  • Earthschooling Living Lessons
  • Science
  • Gardening


  • Prepare Lunch Together
  • Walk to the Library – Weather Permitting
  • Virtual Field Trip


  • Catch up Day
  • Arts and Crafts

Moving away from traditional education with quizzes and tests has been a game-changer. Instead, I’ve added engaging activities, storytelling, arts, and crafts to our learning routine. This approach has helped build a better bond between me and my kids and allowed them to learn at their own pace while exploring their interests.

By incorporating the Earthschooling curriculum, we’ve seen a significant increase in our children’s motivation and excitement for learning. This curriculum incorporates academic subjects along with storytelling, arts, and crafts, making learning more fun and enjoyable for kids.

I highly recommend exploring different learning approaches and finding what works best for your kids. With a flexible and engaging learning approach, you’ll find that your kids will develop a love for learning, which will set them up for success.


The New School Year is upon us! 2021-2022

As we say goodbye to our last few days of summer we know that our new journey will begin. We have made changes to some of the curriculum for our students and we are setting new goals for others.

First, we decided on a new schedule for the school year that is different from traditional schools. We are beginning on August 23rd and doing 6 weeks on, one week off. This will allow the students to have a decompression week instead of doing 3 or 4 day weekends throughout the year. We do have 3 holidays we included withing the year as well. The last day of school being June 17th. Here is the schedule for 3 Trimesters.

1st Trimester: August 23rd-November 26th (Break October 4th – October 8th, Thanksgiving Holiday: November 22nd – 26th off)

2nd Trimester: November 29th – March 11th (Christmas/Winter Break December 20th – December 31st, Week Break February 14th – February 18th)

3rd Trimester: March 14th – June 17th (Spring Break April 4th – April 8th, Week Break May 23rd – May 27th)

We continue to work for the students to keep them focused, motivated, and creative. The only way we can do this is to utilize students opinions and thoughts throughout the school year to create a space in which they thrive.

Our focus for the new year:

Kindergarten with work on reading, writing, letter teams, and math. There will also be a morning circle for our Kindergarten, 1st and 4th grader with crafts each week.

1st Grader will be doing a new curriculum from Oak Meadow and we hope this helps her move forward in her journey in education. We will be doing more hands on and real world scenarios to help her understand what she is learning. Making a calendar, understanding the moon phases, the seasons and how they compare to each other are some of the concepts we will do together. We decided to hold her back because she was not grasping English (basic sentences, word recognition, reading comprehension), science, and history but we are very hopeful for this new program and we are not worried about her being held back because she was in a combo class last year and had to learn everything from Kindergarten over because the public school she attended passed her when she had failed.

4th Grader will be doing more with writing, math concepts, and hands on crafts with the younger students. We decided to skip 3rd grade since we did a combo course last year and she understood the concepts she was given. We are also doing a new science course with Elemental Science. We decided on this because we wanted her to pick her own science and be able to enjoy what she is learning. She chose Botany and Earth Science.

8th Grader will be focusing on book reports and more writing to help structure her English for high school when she begins doing essays. Math will be Algebra 1 but we will not push it because she may take it for 9th grade so we may just review decimals, fractions, and pre-algebra again. There is also physical science for this year that is completely different from the ch

Reading list for 4th and 8th Graders

  • Aleutian Sparrow By: Karen Hesse
  • Catherine, Called Birdy By: Karen Cushman
  • Counting on Grace By: Elizabeth Winthrop
  • Esperanza Rising By: Pam Munoz Ryan
  • A Wrinkle in Time By: Madeleine L’Engle
  • Baseball in April By: Gary Soto
  • Echo By: Pam Munoz Ryan
  • Criss Cross By: Lynne Rae Perkins
  • Out of the Dust By: Karen Hesse
  • The Giver By: Lois Lowry
  • Moon Over Manifest By: Clare Vanderpool

We just have to see when the books are available at our local library so we can check 3 out at a time.

We will also be utilizing Khan Academy for our students so they can get help with Math and English. We will have them go on once or twice a week to do activities and even some computer programming.