Week 1 is complete

The students are back to their lessons and refocusing their minds to stay on track and enjoy the new school year. This first week was a success for all of them. They love their new classroom set-up and the schedule for the week (which I am sure will be modified at least once this year).

  • Language Arts 3 days a week
  • Social Studies 3 days a week
  • Mathematics 3 days a week
  • Science 2 days a week
  • History 1-2 days a week
  • Music (Recorder (K-4) & Ukulele (8th)) 1-2 days a week
  • Health/P.E 5 days a week
  • Art 3 days a week

Online programs

  • Khan Academy – 1 day
  • Typing.com – 1 day
  • The Spanish Experiment – 1 day
  • Rosetta Stone – 2 days

We decided this would give the students more freedom in their studies to decide how they want to plan their day. The 4th and 8th grader can choose what subject they would like to work on and use the schedule to plan accordingly. We utilized this schedule last year but instead of doing English and Math everyday we decided 3 days a week would be more adequate.

Obsessed Reader Challenge

We also have an Obsessed Reader in place for our 4th and 8th Grader. For the obsessed reader challenge they have a list of subjects to choose from such as; history, nature, just for fun, culture and to name a few. We will do a library excursion once a week and they can choose books to read for the week. Our 4th grader has a list of over 4,500 books to choose from and our 8th grader has a list of over 1,400 books to choose from. If they complete their challenge they will get $100.

4th grader – 136 book challenge

8th grader – 72 book challenge

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

We also started some new seeds for our fall garden this week and we are looking forward to learning about how plants grow with our Kindergarten and 1st grader and have them draw pictures of the plants growth process for science class. Plus our watermelon is huge! I think it is over 20 pounds now.

We also went over what books the students will be using and how many pages, lessons or stories they will have each week which gives them an idea on what to expect. They also have activities they can do throughout the week to decompress and have a 10-20 minute break. We have the Calming Corner to help with feelings and moods, thinking putty, mosaic coloring pages, and at any time they can stop to read one of their books.

New schedule is good and art has been upgraded

Monday worked very well with the typing addition. Tuesday and Wednesday were equally worthwhile as well. When Thursday came around the kids were so very excited about the paint by numbers we started. since we only have one canvas we photocopied the pages for each student and had them begin with the instruction page. We will see how we do with the canvas when the time comes but for now they are enjoying the fairy picture.

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because we had a 4 way tie! I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to West Virginia and it was very fun to learn about. It is the 3rd most forested state which we found interesting because of the size of the state. Also, they found petroglyphs which have traced back civilization in West Virginia to 10,500 years. It is also famous for its salt, yes they still mine salt for chlorine in West Virginia and many deer lick the salt rocks.

The paint by numbers was a hit and here are the start of their pictures.

Overall we had a great week and the students enjoyed the holiday on Monday. We watched some Martin Luther King Jr. videos on the links below and had some coloring pages as well.

**We are an affiliate of GenM and are happy to utilize the tools and charts to help our students and children deal with their emotions in a positive and constructive way. We thank you for your support.

Time is on our Side – Rescheduling

This week we ran into a few scheduling hiccups so I decided to revise the schedule. One of the issues was time, which I already knew would need some revisions. English we changed to 30 min on Tuesday & Wednesday and then I decided to move typing to Monday since we had the least amount of work on Monday. After I rescheduled a few things I will see how the times work for the next 3 weeks. If I need to change it up a bit more I will let you know.

Traveling Tuesday took us to Colorado where we learned it is called the Centennial state because it became a state a 100 years after our country was founded. I has beautiful canyons, Rocky Mountains, and it is home to the tallest peak in the US – Mount Elbert which is 14,440 feet above sea level. Wow!

Then we ventured to learn about tornadoes which was just for fun because we found some books about Tornadoes that peaked the interest of our Second Grader. We went to Fun Facts Just for Kids which had some pretty cool information and pictures about tornadoes all the students enjoyed.

On Mindful Monday we talked about word usage and also learned some more words in our Epic Words Book from Timberdoodle. The book is very fun to learn new words and expand our students vocabulary without them realizing.

**We are an affiliate of GenM and are happy to utilize the tools and charts to help our students and children deal with their emotions in a positive and constructive way. We thank you for your support.

New Thinking and Scheduling…

Since we are going into our 9th week of home-school I have watched the girls learn new concepts and ideas while understanding their studies at home. This week we ran across a few challenges which I decided needed new methods and scheduling to our school week.

So what happened with our students…

  • Our 1st grade student wanted to do more on her All About Reading but the word lists were more in-depth and I broke it up into a few days.
  • Our 2nd grader decided that she was not going to finish all her work after the zoom meetings we had on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s so she had extra work when she returned home Wednesday afternoon.
  • Our 7th grader decided that instead of reading the directions she would just do the assignment – Let’s just say that did not work to her advantage!

What I came up with…

While the idea was on track with home schooling I needed to come up with a different approach so I thought actual time tracking would be a better idea and I could go over the instructions with each of them before they begin their assignments. While I was doing this already sometimes my two oldest would do the assignment before I went over it with them.

I decided to go on Canva (website for designing things) and create:

  • Classroom Rules
  • Weekly Fun Zone (which I recruited the girls to help with names)
    • Which we are going to fill out on Thursday’s for ideas for next week
  • Daily Schedule for how long to work on a subject

We shall see how the week goes and continue to make our schedules and create a fun learning environment for all of us.

Yosemite and schooling!

Our 2nd grader went on a trip to Yosemite for the week and it was a test to see how she was able to complete her schooling while on vacation. Well it turns out when you leave your school work at home you are not able to complete any work! OOOPS!

We learned about the continued drought in California and it seems like Yosemite River looks more like a puddle. There was some snow in the Valley but not enough to help with filling up the river. It is estimated that over 43% of Californians are in drought areas but I think it is more considering the fires and lack of rain and snow pack.

Our 1st grader was all excited to move on to her next book with the All About Reading Level 1 that she is reading the first book on her own to everyone in the house. Our 7th Grader is learning about square roots and she build a wagon for her STEM this week.

A Week of Breakthroughs and Gardening!

We had a breakthrough in our Kindergarten/1st Grader when she read her first I Can Read Book – “Biscuit goes Camping”. We have been doing All About Reading Level 1 and we finished lesson 23 this week. (We are not affiliates of the program or any program for that matter, it has just been an amazing program four our student that I want to share). She has been reading the stories that come along with the kit and she just finished Run, Bug, Run! which has 20 short stories which correlate with the letter sounds.

Garden Harvest of Pumpkins, Spaghetti Squash, Eggplant, and a small bumper crop of Cherry Tomatoes

What a Week!

This week went very well, we were able to finish all of our work and still have time for some art classes on Epic Reading. This kids had a great week and were able to learn about plants, Hammurabi, and Lenticular Clouds. We had a storm come through and the kids also learned about how far away a storm is based on the seconds between lightning and thunder. All in all, it was a great week and we are looking forward to next week!

Lenticular Clouds
Step by Step Drawing on Epic Reading Website
More amazing artwork by our 1st grader!