Almost done with Lessons and Sprouting

We are nearing the end of the school year and our students have almost completed their books. Our Pre-school student has completed 4 of 6 of her book and is almost done with the Pre-Reading activities. Our first grader already completed the Math you see Alpha and we have been giving her assignments in the Math you See Beta. She has 4 more lessons in All About Reading Level 1 and has come a very long way in her reading. She was reading at a 0.2 Level and now she is reading My First Reading books. Our Second grader is finished with Math you see Beta and we have been doing Math you See Gamma Lessons A & F daily, she is on lesson 13 already. She has been enjoying the Mystery of History Volume 1 book along with the activities. Our Seventh Grader has 5 more lessons in the Math you See Pre-Algebra and she is has 5 weeks of stories left in the Mosdos Pearl English book. She has made great strides in her writing, grammar and spelling with the Grammar Book and the Spelling you See.

We are very happy with the way the year evolved for all of the students and teachers. This 3rd-Trimester has been exciting for the students with the addition of more art and agriculture.

We found a humming bird nest on the light plug outside the house. It is so tiny and the humming bird kept coming back and forth but I was not able to get a picture of it.

Beautiful salad with homemade sprouts, lettuce from our garden and Veggies from the Co-op we are part of.

We have been learning to sprout. So far we have sprouted Lentils (pictured above), clover seeds, mung beans, and wheat berries.

Our mindful class has been coming along as well. We are teaching the students that negative behavior is not a way to act or to punish. Creating a positive environment in the classroom and in the home is a balancing act and should be something that allows each child and adult to grow. Communication is the balance of life and should be provided as a tool to excel. There is no reason to use negative punishments when you can communicate through the situation. Talk about what each person thought and understand what happened. Usually it is a matter of miscommunication and it turns out nothing was wrong to begin with.