Sending You Love During The Holidays

This holiday season has been about love for our family and we learned about the spirit that is in all of us. To treat others with respect even when they are not willing to give it. We learned that love is stronger that any feeling and when we have love in our hearts we can spread it to all our family and friends. The holidays provide a time to step into a new type of learning where family and friends can share their gifts.

We made homemade pumpkin pies to take to our family & friends and decided to create a home filled with comfort and joy. We know that we are all connected and that our lives are all special. We are here to love the people around us and let others know that it is not about the physical gifts but about the time we get to spend with others close to our hearts.

We turned our chimney into a CHIM-TREE for the holidays and decorated the top of the book case as well as made Christmas decorations we got at the library. We made a charcuterie board from food from The Herbivorous Butcher, a gift from my sister. Our gifts are for our friends and family as we continue the holiday season with others in mind.

Our pumpkins from the garden went from pumpkins to pies! Oh we are so excited to enjoy them today. The girls made hearts to go on top of the pies and they had such a blast playing with the dough.

When we think of all the things we have been able to do we feel so blessed to be together. We send our prayers to those who have lost as well as those who will not be able to spend time with their families because of the restrictions that have been put upon so many. Our hearts go out to those who are alone and those who are afraid. For in this time we send our love to all and pray the world heals as a whole.

Love from all of us at WCCB School to you!

November 23rd-27th 2020 & Holiday: Thanksgiving

Fourth week we are working on these lessons for our students/kids:

Short Week because of the Holiday: Thanksgiving


  • All About Pre-Reading The Letter E
  • Vacation to Arizona: Hiking & Relaxing
  • Kumon Logic K 1 Lesson
  • Channie’s My First Letters (2-4 pages)
  • Coloring & Art

1st Grader (doing some Kindergarten work as well)

  • Math-U-See Alpha Lesson 13(A-G) & Test on Friday
  • All About Reading Lesson 26
  • Geography 1 Pg 29-32
  • Spelling You See A Lesson 12(A-E)
  • Kumon Logic K 1 Lesson
  • Critical & Creative 1 (Kangaroos & Bears)
  • Arizona Trip: Hiking & relaxing

2nd Grader

  • Math-U-See Beta Lesson 8&9(A-G) & Test on Friday
  • Geography 2 Pg 26-38
  • Mosdos Opal 2-3 Stories & 10 pages in workbook
  • Critical & Creative 2 (Sick Day, Substitute Teacher, Feathered Friends & Bugs)
  • Daily Writing 2 Lessons
  • Arizona Trip: Hiking & relaxing
  • Building & Thinking Skills 11 pages

7th Grader

  • Math-U-See Pre-Algebra Lesson 8(A-G) & Test on Friday – Unit 1 Test for Lessons 1-7
  • Chemistry & Physics Week 7 (Day 1 & 2)
    • Workbook & Experiments
  • Mosdos Pearl 2-3 Stories & 5 pages in workbook
  • Easy Grammar (8 Pages)
  • The Basics of Critical Thinking pg 30-35
  • The Mystery of History Week 7 (18-22)
  • Arizona Trip: Hiking & relaxing
Fall is upon us!
Thanksgiving is here so bring on the pies!