Review of the Year

What did we think of our curriculum? How did the students feel about their lessons? How we feel about their progress!


For our Pre-K student and focused on the Alphabet, numbers 1-20, brain games and art. We were excited to see the progress on her writing her name, tracing, and counting skills. We played games like Smart Farmer, Gobblet Gobblers, and Tiny Polka Dots. She learned how to use scissors, plant in the garden, connect the dots with numbers and ABC’s and understanding emotions. Overall , we very much enjoyed giving her the freedom to learn on her own this year. She is excited to do Kindergarten next year!

Kindergarten/First Grade Combo

When we began this year our student had just finished Kindergarten in public school and was very far behind in her education. We decided to do a combo class to catch her up on the ABC’s, reading, math and science. It was a struggle in math and science but she did very well in her reading. She now reads My First Books and can do basic addition and subtraction. While she made progress we decided to do First Grade for next year to allow her to learn on her own term. We loved the ALL ABOUT READING Level 1 Program, the Math-u-See Alpha, and the Building Blocks of Science Grade K. She loved art, the brain games, and picking up one of her books and reading! She is very excited to do First Grade next year!

Second/Third Grade Combo

This was a very interesting year. While our second grader did a combo class she completed everything we gave her and we had to order a few more things in the middle of the year. We had to look into fidgets so she would sit down but even those did not work. (We think she was not challenged enough). In math, she completed 2 levels. In English she finished 3rd Grade Literature books. Science Lessons & Investigations was a challenge because there was a lot of writing and she did not seem interested in the experiments. She enjoyed history and liked the workbooks for Story of the World Volume 1. Overall she completed 2 grades this year and will be moving on to 4th grade English and 4th/5th/6th grade math. She is excited to do 4th grade this year and have more choices with her studies!

Sixth/Seventh Grade Combo

We grunted and groaned this year working on grammar, reading comprehension, math, and science. There was a lot of progress made and our Seventh Grader moved up to the end of 5th grade reading comprehension. Which is a huge amount of progress because she was at a 3rd grade level at the beginning of the year. We enjoyed the Mosdos Press Literature Pearl Edition (6th Grade) because it allowed for a challenge but not too much to where she would have failed and disliked school even more. While she still did not pass English she was almost there in the reading comprehension and we know next year she will be ready to take on more reading and will have a better foundation for comprehending texts and books. In Pre-Algebra there was a lot of concepts she did not remember from previous years so we had to go over how to multiply decimals and understanding fractions. Overall, our student made a great transition and is enjoying school more. She is ready for 8th grade and says she wants to push herself more in English!

We finished our School Year!

We finished our first year of school and it is safe to say we all SURVIVED!

We had many changes to schedules and work throughout the year but we made it through and we found a way to incorporate Pre-K, K/1st combo, 2nd/3rd Combo and 6th/7th Combo.

We learned a lot of different things throughout the year from math to gardening. We were able to work through grammar, spelling and increasing our reading comprehension. We will be doing a 6 week summer school program for all the students for a refresher/bump up to next year guide.

We will be doing some of the same curriculum next year and a new one for our 1st/2nd grader.

Kindergarten Our Pre-K student will be moving up to Kindergarten. She is doing her alphabet and counting to 20. We are also working on number recognition and Upper and Lower case Alphabet.

2nd Grade (Going to do 1st Grade again with a different curriculum) Our K/1st grader will be moving to a full 1st grade course with 2nd grade math. She will be doing English, Science, and History in 1st grade and Math is a 2nd grade course. She has done All About Reading Level 1 and she is reading the My First Reading Books. We are very proud of her progress since she was not even recognizing her letter sounds after she finished Kindergarten at her other school. Now we will move on to reading comprehension, letter teams, rhyming, and more spelling.

3rd Grade (Going to do a 4th Grade Curriculum) Our 2nd Grader will be moving on to a 4th/5th grade combo. She reads at an 8th grade level but her writing needs improvement. While she was able to do the 6th Grade English this last semester she struggled with paragraphs and plotting a story. We will be working on that more in depth this next year. She will also be doing a 5th grade History program and 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Math. By the end of the year she should be in Pre-Algebra.

8th Grade (Going to do a combo of 7th & 8th Grade Curriculum) Our 7th grader will be doing a 7th/8th grade combo. English in 7th grade, Grammar in 8th Grade, Math in 8th Grade, and Science in 7th Grade. She has made great progress this year. Moving from a 3rd/4th grade reading level to a 6th grade reading level. She still has more work ahead of her before High School but we know she would not have succeeded as well as she did with our school.

Over all we have seen a lot of improvement from all our students and we are very excited for the next year. The learning process for all of us has been fun and hopefully we will be able to do more field trips next year if things are open. If not then we will rent a trailer and do more camping!