2020 has been an interesting year and the school our children went to went online in March. We saw our kids work and what they were learning and decided their had to be other options. We knew about homeschooling but like many others thought it would be difficult and time consuming. We saw the lack of help for ourselves and our kids as well as assignments that were confusing and did not allow for in-depth understanding. When we asked for more examples in math or an answer key for other subjects there was nothing offered to us and they actually belittled us by saying there was not anything they could provide to us. Basically our kids were on their own because we were not able to be on the zoom and the information online lacked any kind of teaching component. We knew our kids education was important so we sat down and came up with the vision of homeschooling our 4 kids and figuring out the process as we go. On this website and in this blog we will share our weekly assignments and overview of the week so others can see they have options as well.

We hope this helps others and their children to find out more about scheduling, learning, and thinking outside of the box when it comes to how each of our children learn and grow. We have 2 students who are behind because they were not helped in school and one who is ahead but was not provided opportunity so she was extremely bored and beginning to act up in school and getting frustrated because the teacher was never calling on her. Homeschooling gives us the ability to create lesson plans which help each of our students and allow for them to learn without getting frustrated.

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Our kids education is essential for our future societies!

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