Natalie C. – courageous woman, homeschooling mom, and Southern Californian.

After working in the culinary industry for years, running a business, and caregiver for my grandparents my life when I saw how my kids were struggling with school. I decided to Home School my children because I could see how the system was failing them and there was no additional help other than more school, which clearly was not working! I want my children to learn, imagine, inspire and develop into amazing adults. I am currently homeschooling my 4 children working in the garden, and sewing new clothes for the kids.You can read about my why in this link to Our Classroom Blog.

James C. – construction manager, gardener, and keeper of the home.

15 years into construction and I finally found my place at home. Designing gardens, working on projects, and spending time with my family is the true life design. Many times people think hard work and dedication to ones jobs is what keeps the family going. It turns out that communities are families and it really does “Take a Village to Raise Kids”. Well I found my village and the efforts are more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. Next is creating a homestead! Where? Well we will see where life takes us!

Devan B. – chef, computer guru/financial analyst, and archery teacher.

When it comes to food, I have been cooking for 13 years and plants are a staple in our school and village! Understanding stocks and computers is important for all ages plus it’s a game I love to play. Outdoors is the next adventure and I love archery, Thai Chi and nature. As I say everyday, “Let the games begin”!