I was having a hard time with the lessons and making the kids and myself frustrated so i knew it was time for a change. We decided to walk to the coffee shop a few Thursdays ago and talk about how we wanted to change up our classroom so Here is what we came up with!

As a parent, one of the most important responsibilities we have is to ensure that our children receive a quality education. However, traditional education methods may not always be the best approach for every child. That’s why I decided to change up the way my kids learn and create a new schedule that fits their needs and interests.

My new schedule involves a more holistic approach to learning, focusing on different subjects each day of the week.


  • English, Grammar, Writing, Word Roots, and Spelling.


  • Math u see
  • History


  • Earthschooling Living Lessons
  • Science
  • Gardening


  • Prepare Lunch Together
  • Walk to the Library – Weather Permitting
  • Virtual Field Trip


  • Catch up Day
  • Arts and Crafts

Moving away from traditional education with quizzes and tests has been a game-changer. Instead, I’ve added engaging activities, storytelling, arts, and crafts to our learning routine. This approach has helped build a better bond between me and my kids and allowed them to learn at their own pace while exploring their interests.

By incorporating the Earthschooling curriculum, we’ve seen a significant increase in our children’s motivation and excitement for learning. This curriculum incorporates academic subjects along with storytelling, arts, and crafts, making learning more fun and enjoyable for kids.

I highly recommend exploring different learning approaches and finding what works best for your kids. With a flexible and engaging learning approach, you’ll find that your kids will develop a love for learning, which will set them up for success.


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