Getting back from vacation and finishing up our lesson plans was a learning experience for all of us. We enjoyed the vacation, rock climbing, trail hiking and seeing the footprints of the wildlife but it was time to head back home and get back on track. We learned about dangerous bugs and what they look like. We also learned some interesting things about crickets and mosquitoes. We also have lettuce going to seed and beautiful kale which we get to eat for lunch and dinner. Our pumpkins are ready to bake, can, and freeze-dry.

What we learned about some bugs:

  • Male crickets chirp their wings
  • Female mosquitoes are the ones who bite
  • Tarantulas venom is not deadly
  • Centipedes also carry venom that is not deadly but can be toxic to people who are allergic to other types of insect venom. (

The green house is taking off and we are getting ready for our new plants to be planted so we can have food for the winter time. Photos of our Kale, Lo Choi, and Lettuce mound! We love our Garden!


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