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More Than Your Average School

At WCCB School we pride ourselves on education, adventure, and critical thinking! We allow all our kids to interact and teach each other while they are learning to advance their education. Working together promotes personal growth, patience, and confidence as they grow into young adults.


We believe kids should learn their way and on their time without feeling dragged down by learning. We create a fun environment where learning and teaching is encouraged by all.

Text Books

We utilize Timberdoodle home school books, Golden Beetle Books from BEarthSchooling, and activities designed for all levels of education and which has customization for each grade level.

Extracurricular Activities

Activities for Physical Education include archery, hiking, gardening, outdoor sports and fun all year round. Outdoor activities provide the ability for kids to ground themselves to nature and appreciate the world around them.

Investigate the world around us with Science, Chemistry, and hands on experiments in class and outdoors!

Benefits of Hands on Learning

  • helps kids retain more information
  • uses all five senses
  • utilizes multiple areas of the brain
  • creates a fun learning environment for children of all ages

Smart Games are a great way to stimulate mathematical reasoning, giving kids the ability to visualize and memorize.

Mathematical Reasoning and Critical Thinking

  • Allows for Creativity
  • Develops Curiosity
  • Creates Better Decision Making
  • Improves Comprehension


WCCB School for Accelerated Learning is a California Home-based “think outside the box” school

Proud Affiliate of Earthschooling

The BEarth Institute

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Help support our ongoing education by purchasing printable activity educational sheets from our Etsy page

We are working to start a Co-op program and will have more details coming soon.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday